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DKSH is deeply rooted in Asia and Singapore is one of three places where it all started more than 120 years ago. Singapore today is a modern and vibrant city state and along with the country's development our role too has evolved. From being a traditional trader in the colonial times of the 19th century, we have reinvented our business model and created a distinctive new category, Market Expansion Services.

Today, we are a leading provider of Market Expansion Services for manufacturers and brand owners in the areas of Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Technology.

Our service offerings are tailor-made to the individual business requirements and include market information, licensing and product registration, importation and trade financing, planning and execution of media and trade marketing activities, sales and after-sales services, and warehousing and logistics. All our business processes are supported by state-of-the-art IT systems.

Above all, our business is driven by a highly competent, motivated, and dedicated work-force. Knowledgeable and experienced specialists constantly strive to satisfy our clients and customers alike

Our business focus

We serve you through three highly-specialized Business Units:


DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd

74 Jalan University

46700 Petaling Jaya


Head of Country Management - Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia, Group Finance Director - Malaysia, President Director - Indonesia

+60 3 7966 0288

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